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This a an amazing time for the world

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The FASHIONHOW REPORT- Tom Ford to Direct

Way back in when Tom Ford left fashion to possibly pursue a career as a director, things didn't exactly pan out so he went back to fashion. Now, he's back in the movie making business having secured the rights to Christopher Issherwood's 1964 book A Single Man, about a gay college professor dealing with the recent death of his lover. Already Julianne Moore and Jamie Bell are signed on for the film with Colin Firth in talks to play the lead role. Ford plans to begin filming in November, although no studio is currently attached to the project. More info at .

From Clark University to New York Fashion Week

Designer Kenyatta Williams talks to Anastassia Simon
About life after her exciting debut during
New York Fashion Week

New York fashion week is over and done having left visions of stilettos dancing in our heads. While life in the city moves on one Clark Atlanta student reflects on her experiences with me. After making her fashion week debut Kenyatta Williams headed back to class and her normal life as a design student. "It's been crazy, professors have made announcements in class and have been using me as an example" Kenyatta says of her return to classes, "Students have been coming up to me saying they're inspired by my work." It's not only her beautiful work that serves as an inspiration, but also her ability to balance university life with her emerging design career. "My teachers have been really cool about things, letting me miss class and getting assignments in late because they understand that I'm working to achieve my dreams" Kenyatta continues. For now her dreams include not only finishing school with possible plans to study abroad, but to also follow up with the connections she made during fashion week in an attempt to further her career. "I got to talk to a few stylists and someone who is interested in investing. It's just been great" she adds with more enthusiasm than a freshman going on spring break. Kenyatta enjoyed her time in New York so much that she's currently considering moving to the city, as soon as the money starts rolling in. She's also already enjoying her first tastes of fame, " A friend of mine recently told me that she told her friend about me going to fashion week and her friend was like 'Oh KAE Couture?' and she doesn't even live near campus. I couldn't believe she'd heard of me." With some many great opportunities on the horizon, including showing in London next season, Kenyatta had better get used to people being familiar with her and her brand

Friday, September 19, 2008

From the Fashion Upstart® - No, I am not on the list…….

Upstart® - Bless my good friend Christie Dinham for her faith in my abilities to work front-of-house at the spring ’09 International Designers Show on September 6. An Upstart® is never considered for the front of anything during New York fashion week, so I lope in and accept my “standing” card from PR agents at the check-in table who carefully avoid eye-contact, and head for the nose-bleed section of the Tent. With each passing year I feel more like a member of that hardy breed – the New York Event Crasher - whose names and faces any PR agent worth their clipboard can spot and snipe at 40 paces.
So yes I was thrilled to work out front. I put on my best “dressed-to-the-nines-but-look-effortless” outfit and headed out into the steamy day ready for anything, except the notorious G train. Anyone acquainted with this green-eyed monster will know that he takes no prisoners and indeed no passengers either. Today he obviously felt the impending wrath of hurricane Hanna in his arthritic cogs and creaked along oblivious to the urgency and panic he raised in the people trapped in his belly

Did I mention that it was a steamy day? Well I arrived at the Devin Tavern feeling sheepish and wilted in line with the rest of the flock till my friend, still delighted to see me, came and rescued me. She set me to work filling up the seats and making sure that I saved the front row for Terry Crews who was expected to roll through with his crew.

I did my best, sans clipboard (which people seem to view as an official sign that you belong in front) and got bottoms in seats. I even showed Terry Crews to the seat I had diligently defended for him.

After seating Ms. J - most definitely not an upstart – in the front row, I seated myself in the 2nd row - since there were only two my upstart rep. remains intact.
Terry Crews & Juanita Grey

The show began with a collection of sleek dresses, separates and swimwear from New York based designer Roger Gary that would not have been out of place at Bryant Park. The man certainly knows how to dress the female form and one bronze baby doll dress in particular was flawless, ready for any fashion week cocktail event that evening.

Rome by Romero Bryan was a little something for the boys - a seriously sexy collection of separates for grown up girls including a fitted blouse in deceptively soft pink satin teamed with a sharp black corseted pencil skirt, the purr was almost audible.

Kae Couture by Kenyatta Williams offered a collection of swimwear that would have been a perfectly at home at Miami Swim. Unusual and experimental shapes seemed to go back to the best inspiration for women’s’ swimwear – the female body.

Megan Crook presented delightfully playful pieces seemingly inspired by the mum who discovers her little girl’s clothes and accessories and plays dress-up. While Herani Ethiopia brought bright fashion from the dark continent with nary a hint of Kente Cloth in sight.
Megan Crook


Librarians and “school marms” are often overlooked as the purveyors of grandma fashions, bad up-dos and even worse eyewear, Samantha Mark’s collection proved us all wrong. Model after model came down the runway in beautifully made, sweet pea printed dresses and blooming blouses, a-line skirts (pretty slips showing ofcourse), layered blouses, an innovative quilted duster coat, a Sherlock Homes-type tweed cape and a pair of ruffled tweed hot pants that would have made Ms. Jean Brodie blush.

Larry Moultrie debuted his collection of tight printed T’s on a collection of tight men, much to the delight of the girls at the bar.

The man of the hour was definitely Nana Boateng, a sharp-suiter with a knack for creating tailored suits that hug the male from like no other. As Terry Crews - a long-time fan - looked on models appeared in signature bare feet and not-so-signature tribal make-up. Among the highlights was a manly pink suit – I dare you to challenge any guy who pulls it off, surprising details like tuxedo stripes on the in-seam of pants, and a hot red suit that managed not to look like it belonged to a pimp – who else but Nana could make that work?

With Nana’s collection ringing in our eyes we all applauded till the house lights went up. I scouted out my hubby who excitedly got in line for his picture with Terry and mugged for the camera when he got his chance.

We headed outside where Ms. J was holding court, holding forth, and striking poses akin to those seen on ANTM. Next stop the Tent which stood up well to the wrath of Hanna – unlike old man G.

Till next time - Upstart®

The FashionHow Report- Commes des Garcons to H&M

Rei Kawakubo brings his avant-garde Japanese yet French named label, Commes des Garcons, to H&M this November. The collaboration was announced last April and will be launched at the Tokyo H&M before the world wide roll out a few days later. After getting a first look at the collection in the September issue of W and a few online leaks via various websites, I can say the collection remains true to Rei's style. The collection is composed of both men's and women's apparel and features a very Tim Burton-esque Lolita Goth dress and loads of polka dots. Of the collaboration Rei says, "It is a fascinating challenge to work with H&M, since it is a chance to take the dilemma (of balancing creation and business) to its extreme, and try and solve it." Commes de Garcons' H&M collaboration adds to H&M's list of modern legends who have done capsule collections for them in the past, including Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor and Rolf, and most recently Roberto Cavalli.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The FashionHow Report -Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Shouts of "Where are my shoes", "Ladies you have five minutes", and "Can someone help me" are still ringing in my ears from Saturday's International Designers Show. While upstairs a high energy show went off without a hitch, downstairs chaos rained down like the late afternoon showers that luckily held off long enough for guests to arrive dry. Between helping models get dressed and undressed, accounting for a pair of very expensive shoes, and seating people in a somewhat orderly fashion, I couldn't tell you what went down the runway in what order. Honestly, as I look back on everything all I see is a blur of clothes, girls, hair and shouting. It all began with assembling rolling racks and helping designers unpack, while the models sat in hair and make-up. At some point I changed clothes, began seating people and was pulled away to help sort out a mess with a pair of gold shoes and was left feeling like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole. Eventually things did die down and I was able to rest my aching feet before helping to pack and straighten up before going home to sleep for twelve hours. At the end of it all I'm still amazed I made it through my first fashion week experience with nary a blister. I'm sorry I didn't get to see the full effect of the clothes on the runway, since I hear everything looked awesome, but then again that's what video was invented for. Now that the show is over, I'm waiting to see what other fun surprises fashion week has in store for me. By Anastassia Simon

Friday, August 29, 2008

The FashionHow Report -Fashion's 50 Most Powerful

New York's Daily News recently released the 50 most powerful players in fashion, just in time for fashion week. Topping the list, of course, is American Vogue editor Anna Wintour, followed by GAP Inc head designer Patrick Robinson and Marc Jacob pulling in at number 3. The list is packed with fashion staples like Diane von Furstenberg (#8), Patricia Field (#22) and Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, and Francisco Costa (#44). Then of course what would fashion be without the models, like the original supermodels Christy, Naomi, Helena, and Linda all at #38, 19 year old Coco Rocha at 49, and Iman at 42. The list even packs a few surprises like facialist Christine Chin (#34) who keeps the model's faces in tip top shape, manager of 'wichcraft Bryant Park, Michael Oliver (#30) who keeps the espresso flowing on those long days under the tents, lawyer Betsey Pearce who was responsible for wrangling Phoebe Philo at Chloe and Nicola Ghesquire at Balenciaga.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The FASHIONHOW Report - DVF Tackles Writing

In addition to being a great designer, head of the CFDA, and a style icon, Diane von Furstenburg is now a columnist for Departures Magazine. The glamorous jet-setter will begin writing about her ridiculously fabulous travels in the Nov/Dec issue. In addition to writing the column, she will also take the accompanying photographs. I wonder what fantastic place we'll see first through DVF's eyes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The FashionHow Report-The Young & The Beautiful

FashionHow is excited to announce the arrival of four amazing young girls from the island of Curacao, Sheadith, Michanou, Shafny & Danielle, courtesy of the hip new agency Emilka Model Management. Recently the girls were signed to RED MODELS NYC known for their cutting edge men’s broad. Who ever is scouting for the Red Women’s board these four beauties are a catch, The girls land their feet on fertile ground August 18th where RED plans to introduce the them for Fashion Week… and to all the choice clients that have been waiting to meet them…. With all these diverse beauties to choose from this has to be one of the most exciting Fashion Weeks that we have seen for such a long time!!! I for one cannot wait…

Sheadith Age 12

Shafney Age 16

Michanou Age 15

Danielle Age 18

Friday, August 8, 2008

The FashionHow Report - Jovovich-Hawk Out for the Count

Model turned actress, Milla Jovovich's foray into the world of design has come to an end, for now at least. In 2003 Jovovich and model gal pal Carmen Hawk launched their line of women's wear, Jovovoich-Hawk, and after five great years the brand is now moving on to that great closet in the sky. After teaming up with Target this past spring, gracing the pages of Vogue, and being sold in stores like Fred Segal, Jovovich has called it quits. As for now it is unknown weather Carmen Hawk will revamp it, rename it, or pack it in as well. In September's issue of Lucky, Jovovich states that she has definitely left the brand saying "When one door closes" I assume another one will be opening. Looks like now is the time to snatch up as many Jovovich-Hawk pieces as you can girls, because that may be all there is come fall.

The FASHIONHOW Report - Cartier v Donna Karan

Wednesday, French jewelry powerhouse Cartier filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan courthouse against Donna Karan for copyright infringement. Cartier alleges that Donna Karan has copied their famous "Tank" watch name. Their lawyers are blasting Karan for using the name that Cartier has copyrighted, saying that Karan's use is "willful, and intentional, and done in willful disregard of Cartier's rights." Since the Donna Karan "Tank" watch is selling for a mere $115 and the Cartier "Tank" goes for approximately $10,000, Cartier does not want consumers to associate the two. Basically they believe that the cheaper watch of the same name will devalue their classic timepiece. It seems as though for Cartier, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery.
Link to the NY Post article ( )

Friday, July 25, 2008

The FashionHow Report - John Galliano does eyewear

According to WWD, John Galliano has recently signed a five year licensing deal with Italy's Marcolin to produce a line of men's and women's eyewear. The line will include both sunglasses ad prescriptive eyewear and will be unveiled next fall. According to Galliano "Sunglasses and eyewear are essential accessories to make a statement on and off the runway", according to most branching out into eyewear is a great way for a brand to reach the masses even in our struggling economy. I, like most 20-somethings in America, can't afford Galliano's beautiful gowns but I can save up for a pair of Galliano sunglasses or frames when its time to update my prescription. If the colorful eye makeup that strolled down the runway with his fall 08 collection is any indication of the twist he wants to put on eyewear, expect loads of color and nothing less excitement. (

Thursday, July 17, 2008

An Interns Diary-Journal 2 By Anastassia Simon

When searching out story ideas, it all starts in my inbox. Before I start trawling various fashion sites in search of the scoops of the day, I check my inbox for headlines, tips and anything that can lead to something worth writing about. Every morning I am inundated with emails highlighting what's in style this week, what celebrities are thinking of designing a line of t-shirts and who may or may not be selling their companies. Once I've honed in on stories that are worth reading more on, I do just that. I scour blogs, online newspapers, and even the gossip sites from time to time, to find the source of whatever rumor I received while having my morning coffee. Once I get down to the bottom of the story, I submit it and if it's loved it appears here for you all to read and enjoy. Hopefully this week I'll find loads of interesting story ideas awaiting me in my inbox so that I can keep you all well informed as we quickly approach fashion week

Tiffany vs eBay

In a ruling on Monday jeweler Tiffany & Co was found to be responsible for policing the use of their trademark online, not auction platforms like eBay. This comes after a 2004 lawsuit Tiffany filed against eBay alleging that most items listed for sale as genuine Tiffany products were indeed fakes. US District Judge Richard Sullivan ruled that eBay can't be held liable for trademark infringement, and stated that they took all of the appropriate steps when Tiffany notified them of suspected counterfeit goods. Similar lawsuits were filed against the site in Europe, one by luxury giant LVMH and another over the supposed sale of fake Rolex watches. eBay lost both cases in Europe and were forced to stop selling certain LVMH owned cosmetics and to actively prevent the sale of Rolex watches. In fashion where fakes often outnumber genuine articles, this ruling can make it harder for consumers shopping on eBay to find authentic goods.

The FashionHow Report-Oscar De La Renta's interview w/WWD

Oscar de la Renta along with his son-in-law Alexander Bolen, the fashion houses' CEO, sat down with one of the staffers of WWD to discuss the brand's future and to squash any rumors that he's thinking of selling. The lengthy interview covered the brand's continued growth of eveningwear, a bigger push into fragrances, and an international rollout of retail stores. The 75 year old designer also said he has no plans of retiring in the foreseeable future, and therefore has not even begun to think of grooming one of his many talented assistants to take his place. He also enlightened us all on the reason his fashion shows are so lengthy, he feels sorry when he has to cut a dress. With regards to the rumors that the company is for sale and actively seeking new investors both Bolen and de la Renta responded with firm nos. I would say it's safe to assume that we can all rest well assured that this brand will continue to navigate the fickle waters of fashion with ease for many years to come, especially with the creative force of Oscar de la Renta at the helm. For the full interview click here

The FashionHow Report - Testino Diary

Mario Testino takes us behind the lens of his camera and gives us a glimpse of his glamorous life by way of a three week dairy he kept for The Independent. The dairy includes Testino's musings on snapping Prince Charles and his sons for a royal Christmas card, turning 17 year old girls into household names, Gwyneth Paltrow's singing and how South Americans grow up in their bathing suits. All and all the article provides a great peak into the mind of the man who shoots almost every American Vogue. Testino proves that above all else he's just like the rest of us, if the rest of us happen to be world renown, jet setting photographers.

An Interns Diary - Internship Journal 1

When I was initially asked to start a dairy of my ins and outs as an intern my actual reaction was, "Great, but I don't know how interesting I am". I instantly sent a text to one of my friends who assured me that I indeed was not interesting but my internship was. That gave me a much needed morale boost so that I could get started with chronicling my journey as a lowly intern. Basically my days are spent digging up the goods on various industry insiders to make sure that you, our lovely readers, are always kept in the loop. My life is far from the drama of The Hills or the glamour of The Devil Wears Prada but I do get to do some cool stuff, like interview up and coming designers for the blog. Speaking of which, last week I was beyond happy to interview Kenyatta Williams, a New York fashion week first timer, about her life, fashion, and a collection of swimsuits inspired by the twists and turns of romance. Currently I have a whole slew of things that I'm working on and look forward to filling you in on all of them in the weeks to come. By Anastassia